• A Message to Bill O'Reilly From "The Cesspool of Corruption" Known as Amsterdam

    I guess I missed this the first time around, but apparently Bill O'Reilly did a whole segment back in December about how evil and disgusting Amsterdam is because of its liberal policies toward drugs and prostitution and personal liberties and not being unctuously hypocritical faux-prudes…

    "Amsterdam is a cesspool of corruption. Everything is out of control, it's anarchy", a sidekick of Fox News conservative anchor Bill O'Reilly said during a broadcast in December 2008.

    The O'Reilly Factor wanted to prove the point that the liberal drug policy of the Netherlands had backfired, since the Dutch government was planning to tighten the rules governing soft drugs use. "The Netherlands are becoming more conservative", said O'Reilly.

    Anarchy! Total anarchy! There's fuckin' tulips and wooden shoes and hacked-off ears flying all over the place in that city, I'm tellin' ya!

    Anyway, some hashished-up denizen of that lowly metropolis managed to un-entangle his or herself from the orgy pile long enough to issue this belated (c'mon, it's Holland time) response…

    Sorry, I guess I should have added a NSFW warning before making you watch that.

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