• Rep. John Boehner Knows Dr. Barack Obama's Hideous Secret

    House Minority Leader John Boehner wanted to write a note in Barack Obama's yearbook before leaving for the August recess, but Barack Obama is a partisan meanie who hid his yearbook in Rahm Emanuel's gym locker specifically to keep it away from Republicans, so John Boehner had to find another way to share his thoughts on health care…

    Yikes! I had no idea Barack Obama was trying to trick the American people into thinking that he's not the president at all, but a handsome television doctor like All My Children's Peter Bergman.

    Don't worry, though, I'm pretty sure John Boehner's wrong on this one.

    My guess is the guy who did all those stealth tonsil operations on the children of Pine Valley will turn out to be Barack Obama's evil twin.

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