• Chuck Norris Has a Special Birthday Greeting for Barack Obama

    chuck-norris-shirtless-hatAre you people still thinking up your birthday greetings for the president? Well, you'd better get typing, because Chuck Norris already beat you to the punch! (Get it??)

    Chuck's message isn't quite as sexy as Marilyn cooing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to JFK, but it is a whole lot more red-blooded Americanier

    Dear Mr. President:

    First, happy birthday. I do hope Aug. 4 is an enjoyable day for you and your family. Coincidentally, I also will be celebrating this week the birth of someone dear to me, my beloved wife, Gena, whose birthday is on Aug. 9.

    Gosh. I wonder where Chuck could be headed with this.

    Mr. President, as more and more people realize that you are refusing to release your original birth certificate, further questions will fuel the fires of debate or at least hinder the embers from ever being snuffed out. Questions like, "Does it really contain the Hawaiian physician's name?" Or "Does it disclose something other than his birth place that he wishes others not to see?"

    [O]n July 23 in your prime time press conference, you said that your administration was more transparent than those of previous presidencies: "I think that we have provided much greater transparency than existed prior to our administration coming in." So again I ask, why not live out that transparency promise by posting your original birth certificate and end the division and debate?

    Well, I have a birthday to plan, so I better get going.

    Uh-huh, Chuck, sure. You have a "birthday" to plan.

    And I guess we're just supposed to take your word on that?

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