• The Horrors of ObamaCare Just Got More Horrific


    Andrew Sullivan just posted the above image, which is evidently being sent around by TownHall.com. Now, obviously, most of this isn't really news. Grandmas, babies, puppies, pandas, they're all going down once ObamaCare goes into effect. Also, it will make ice cream taste like boogers and spoil the end of Lost, but none of that is a surprise. The thing that does shock me about this though is the size of that baby compared to the President:


    ObamaCare killing babies is one thing, but giant babies? I have to say, I'm sort of on the fence about that one. Sure it seems cruel on paper, but when you're fending off a swarm of 15-foot man-gumming babies, you'll wish you'd supported Obama's genocidal socialized eugenics gestapo.

    I'll bet the thing that made the babies giant is also what made President Obama's skin glow orange.

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