• Barack Obama Might Give Up on Bipartisanship, Cancel Christmas

    barack-obama-podium-handsWhat's the point of passing actual health care reform if you cannot say it was done with policy-weakening concessions and bitter resentment from Democrats and Republicans? As John McCain knows so well, bipartisanship comes first and effective legislation comes second, maybe third, depending on what the Senate cafeteria is serving for lunch that day.

    Now, as members of his own party continue to wade through the cold molasses of "bipartisan negotiations" on health care, President Obama has gone ahead and made his boldest threat yet, a direct challenge to the GOP

    President Barack Obama warned Republicans that he may soon consider abandoning efforts to get a bipartisan deal on a health-care overhaul and try to push legislation through Congress without their help.

    "At some point, sometime in September, we are just going to have to make an assessment" about continuing to seek a bipartisan agreement with Republican senators, Obama said in an interview with MSNBC. "I would prefer Republicans working with us on that because I think it’s in the interest of everybody."

    Obama said he may consider an alternative course to working with the other party because "failure is not an option" in attempting to pass a health-care bill.

    Uh-oh. You know what that means?

    Yep. Get ready for KeyesCare.

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