• Alaska Legislature Joins the World in Persecuting Sarah Palin

    sarah-palin-pointing-vertThis poor lady, Sarah Palin, she just cannot catch a break! For whatever reason, she keeps drawing the kinds of attacks normally reserved for people in positions of power, like elected officials and Simon Cowell.

    Now the Alaska state legislature has jumped into the fray by undoing the one positive thing Sarah Palin tried to do for her state: refusing to help reduce energy costs

    The Alaska Legislature voted Monday to override former Gov. Sarah Palin's veto of $28 million in federal stimulus money for energy cost relief. But it was as close as a vote can get.

    Reversing a governor's appropriation veto requires a vote of 75 percent of the Legislature, a hurdle rarely met.

    And yet this hurdle was met, in a 45 to 14 vote, so now innocent Alaskans are going to suffer unspeakable tragedies like energy-efficient public buildings.

    Obviously, this is all part of the master plot to torment Trig Palin with lower utility bills.

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