• George Bush Dreamed He Astrally Projected Himself to England in His Maidenform Bra

    Here's a plaque that appears to actually be hanging someplace in Worcestershire, England

    Just in case you can't read it, it says…

    U.S. President George W. Bush dreamt he was at this spot the night of 16th February 2003 but failed to recognize it, having never visited Malvern. To this day he still thinks it was just some place he made up in his sleep.

    What you're probably thinking to yourself right now is, "Huh?"

    That, as far as I can tell, is the correct response.

    How about the guy who took the picture. Does he have any kind of context that might help us understand what this is all about? Nope, sorry

    No idea, the back story is that I was in Malvern with my kids and was taking some photos. At the bottom of the hill near this thing, there is another blue plaque on a building commemorating the fact that Roosevelt came to convalesce there, then at the top of the hill there was this.

    Okay, so lets try to piece this together. We know that February of 2003 was the lead-in to the U.S. invasion of Iraq…

    …and the United Kingdom was one of the only actually willing members of the Coalition of the Willing…

    …and that Bush had an almost superhuman confidence about the operation…


    I think we have to assume George Bush and Tony Blair had some kind of Dreamscape-type epic battle against the demon warriors Gog and Magog on the spectral shadow hills of Worcestershire in an attempt to ascertain the exact location of the WMDs, which (obviously) were subsequently spirited by the twin incubi.

    Finally, the pieces are coming together!

    (pic credit goes to ajehals)

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