• Brad Pitt's Mayoral Chances Aren't Great in New Orleans, Says Brad Pitt

    It seems that actor Brad Pitt doesn't think that he has a really good chance at being elected as the mayor of New Orleans

    "I'm running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform," he joked… "I don't have a chance," Pitt predicted.

    Wait, what? Seriously, what? Was this even in the realm of possible things that could happen? Hasn't that city suffered enough indignations these past few years? (And I'm not even just talking about the whole Anne Rice association thing.)

    Apparently, those people are real gluttons for punishment… extra spicy Cajun-style punishment

    The Brad Pitt for Mayor Campaign is picking up steam. WDSU NewsChannel 6 has learned there's a movement in the Crescent City trying to get the actor elected…

    "Totally cute, I'm really excited about my Brad Pitt for Mayor T-shirt," said [some idiot who's not even from New Orleans]…

    What started off as a crazy idea, is getting crazy response, especially now. "Brad Pitt is someone who's really done a lot for the City of New Orleans and the more people are talking about it. It sounds less and less crazy, especially with Gov. Schwarzenegger and Al Franken about to be sworn in as the U.S. Senator from Minnesota," said [t-shirt seller Josh] Harvey.

    I think this guy is confusing "less and less crazy" with "everything else is getting more and more stupid."

    In his defense, it's a common mistake.

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