• Barney Frank Addresses All the Dining Room Tables Out There

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a non-neutered Democrat looks like. Get a good look, because you won't see it very often…

    When it comes right down to it, idiots deserve to be treated like idiots. I'm not talking about people who are against health care reform. I'm talking about idiots who are against health care reform. You can be opposed to health care reform all you like, but if you choose to be against your own personal paranoid fantasy of "health care reform," then it should be acknowledged that you are bowing out of the conversation and you should be required to leave the grown-up table.

    And why — after all the town hall/moron carnivals that we've seen these past few weeks — is this the first time we're seeing a congressperson responding accordingly to the painful nonsense to which we're all being subjected? Why is Barney Frank the only Democratic congressperson with enough courage and sense to realize that these idiots spouting Fox-sponsored LaRouche-sponsored (see update below) bullshit weren't ever gonna vote Democrat in the first place, so you don't have to swear on the Bible that you won't kill their grandparents? Why is he the only one to figure out that just because someone screams twice as loud, they don't deserve three times as much respect?

    Also, I like the look on the one lady's face when she realized her invitation onto Hannity's America as a town hall hero wasn't gonna be coming anytime soon.

    Update: It appears that apologies are in order.

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