• GOP Is About to Get a Lot More WWE

    You know what modern politics is really missing? A professional wrestling-type atmosphere of cartoonish characterizations and juvenile rivalries.

    That's why I think this is the best news I've heard since Mr. America unmasked himself and revealed that he was actually Hulk Hogan in disguise*…

    Linda McMahon, the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment [and wife of Vince McMahon], is weighing a run as a Republican against Sen. Chris Dodd (D) in Connecticut in 2010. A source close to McMahon said that she is "seriously considering" the race and touted her as a serious candidate based on a resume that includes leading a $1 billion publicly traded company based in Stamford, Conn.

    The source also noted that McMahon would be willing and able to spend significant sums on the race, an x-factor that could make her competitive in a primary against former representative Rob Simmons, former ambassador Tom Foley and state Sen. Sam Caliguri.

    Well, at any rate, this would make the debating process a lot more interesting. And I wouldn't count of Dodd just yet.

    I mean, have you seen his head? I'll bet he can withstand a good four or five blows from folding chairs and still pick himself back up again.

    * Or something. I have no idea what I'm talking about. The last time I watched wrestling, the Iron Sheik was a major player.

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