• Latest Poll: Most Americans Fear Health Care Reform, ManBearPig Attacks

    pretty-unicornAn NBC News survey released last night shows that a majority of Americans have a clear understanding of Barack Obama's health care plan, if by "clear understanding" you mean "Oh my God, a Yeti!"

    Some 45% said they believe the plan is likely to include such a provision that has become known as "death panels" despite bipartisan efforts by President Barack Obama and the provision’s author, Republican Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson to dispel the idea.

    Further, a majority of Americans (55%) believe the bill will extend health insurance coverage to illegal immigrants even though no proposals currently under negotiation would do so. An equally high number (54%) believe the overhaul will lead to a "complete" government takeover of the health care system, although there is also no actual proposal for that, either.

    Well, look, I believe in unicorns, even though people keep telling me there's "no actual evidence" they exist. Really? Because last time I checked, horses exist. So do narwhals. You do the math.

    Besides, if unicorns don't exist, how come I was able to find this photograph of one in the Getty Images database?

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