• Barack Obama Doesn't Need a Vacation, He Needs a Better Vacation

    Today Barack Obama jets off for a weeklong vacation on the fancy New England island of "Martha's Vineyard," a name derived from the Indian term for "many seersucker suit place." And what will he be doing there, you ask? Will he be listening to the voice of the people about health care reform? Will he be discussing the economy with his advisers?

    Heavens, no. The president won't have time for such things! He'll be too busy snorting lobster rolls off John Kerry's chest and polishing his yacht to old Katharine Hepburn movies. Delightful amusements, to be sure, but is this the right signal to send when the rest of the country is in the grip of an econohealthcarepocalypse?

    Like many, many other patriots, I think not. And so without further ado, and after the jump, suggestions for a more appropriate presidential vacation.

    * If he's serious about bipartisan solutions for the economy, Obama could start by grilling burgers for Republican leaders at John McCain's house, or John McCain's other house, or John McCain's other house, or John McCain's other house.

    * Perhaps the president would enjoy spending his vacation on whichever planet this lady visits for her vacations? I hear the qegprrir'hllmtwurtyl are lovely this time of year.

    * To prove he's in touch with Real America, the president could use his break to hang out with a bunch of NASCAR drivers… ha, right, like that'd ever happen.

    * If he's got an entire week off, I don't see why President Obama isn't traveling to Kenya to locate his birth certificate once and for all. (If he has to go all the way to Hades he may need an extra day or two.)

    * How about a patriotic tour of important American landmarks, like Saint Michele Bachmann's birthplace and wherever it is the GOP's integrity is buried?

    And hey, if you've taken a presidential-caliber vacation lately — camping in an abandoned GM dealership, perhaps? — go ahead and tell us about it in the comments.

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