• Love, Look What You've Done to Mark Sanford

    Lovelorn Gov. Mark Sanford — the Eva Peron of South Carolina politics* — may be reluctant to leave office since his drastic reversal of opinion on executive accountability, but his state's legislators don't seem to be feeling quite so weepy and forgiving of their head of state's various tresspasses.

    In fact, they might even be willing to start tossing around The I Word* a little…

    "Lawmakers, once reluctant to discuss removing Sanford, will weigh what it would take to force the Republican governor out and how the process would work."

    "Sanford has been under fire since secretly leaving the country for five days in June to meet his lover and later admitting an extramarital affair with the Argentine woman. Since then, Sanford has been under fire for flying in expensive business-class seats and his use of state and private planes. All could violate state law or ethics rules."

    This is exactly like Romeo & Juliet, except with less suicide-by-poison and more schadenfreude.

    * His version of "Don't Cry for Me, South Carolina" always brings the state house down.
    ** And I'm not talking about "intercourse." Though I'm sure Gov. Sanford is.

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