• The Kennedy Boys Are Back Together Again

    How do you say "Ugh!" in Massachusettsese?

    Look! It's John Kennedy! Oooo! And there's Bobby Kennedy! And over there, isn't that Other Guy Kennedy? Wow! They've all come to get Teddy and bring him on one final sailing voyage, a sailing voyage into the sky…

    So, what do you think? Did Jeff Danziger have this masterpiece of bittersweetousity sitting in the top drawer of his desk, just waiting for Kennedy to go? Every morning he'd check the news to see if today was they day. Or was he so blown away by the news of Kennedy's passing that he was moved to sit down and start drawing, unaware of what might flow forth from his cartooning pen, as happily surprised by the resulting piece of brilliant art as we all are?

    Personally, I like to think that when Danziger awoke this morning, he found the cartoon sitting at the foot of his bed, a the faint whiff of fine Irish whiskey in the air.

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