• Rush Limbaugh Wants Barack Obama's Hands Off His Penis

    I'm sorry. Did that headline traumatize you? Writing something like that about Rush Limbaugh's penis without explanation is a little bit like slapping you in the face with Rush Limbaugh's penis without explanation. Or something.

    That was kind of a terrible analogy. Kind of as terrible as being forced to visualize taking Rush Limbaugh's penis into your hands and gently cutting away the soft, folded mucous membrane that covers the tip of Rush Limbaugh's penis.

    Sorry again. (I'm really bad at this.)

    Anyway, here's the thing: The CDC (or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for short) is considering recommending circumcision for male infants as well as adult men as a means of reducing the spread of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus for short). And you know what that means, right?

    Oh, you don't know what that means? Well, I'll bet Ed Morrissey from Hot Air knows what that means

    Why should the CDC push circumcision at all?  The government has no business being in the middle of that decision.  Under ObamaCare, however, when the government starts paying more and more of the health-care tab, they will point to ambiguous cost savings down the road — in this and other cases, decades down the road — to pressure Americans into surrendering their choices now.

    That's right. The upper-most point on a slippery slope that will inevitably lead to government-mandated castration!*

    And since it's common knowledge that conservative media folk only think in hives, we can pretty much guess that a penis theft panic — such as one one would find in a third-world country — is the new hysterical meme going out across the right-wing talking point wire.

    And, if that's the case, it's just a matter of time before

    Rush Limbaugh claimed, "It is President Obama who wants [to] mandate circumcision … And that means, if we need to save our penises from anybody, it's Obama."

    Hence the title of this post.

    And… scene.


    * Your point is well-taken, Jacob. Consider that joke reworded.

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