• An Open Letter to a Female Person Concerning Something Fashion Related

    Dear Mary Phillips-Hyphen-Sandy,

    According to the BuzzFeed website, there is currently an article about the current First Lady's sartorial decisions that is "surging" on the popular news site The Huffington Post. Please note, there are accompanying PHOTOS

    As it is commonly understood around the Indecision offices that you are of the female genre of people, would it be improper of me to inquire the following questions from you?

    * Who is Sophie Theallet, and how is it that Michelle Obama might have found herself in possession of her clothing?

    * What is a "bow blouse," and is that an appropriate choice for a late summer Massachusetts funeral?

    * As a good American, am I supposed to impressed by these choices and mentally comparing her to the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or simply aghast by her at theĀ  utter gaucheness of it all?

    * How does any of this constitute "news"?

    Please advise, as I am sincerely confused. I thank you in advance.

    Dennis James Gregory DiClaudio, Jr., B.A., Esq., III

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