• Four True Facts About Health Care Hero Jim DeMint

    jim-demint-big-handsGather 'round, kids, it's time to learn a thing or several about Sen. Jim "Waterloo" DeMint, the man who would be king of spreading lies about health care reform. Sen. DeMint is so important to this important cause, he got himself profiled in the New York Times! Let's read this thing!

    TRUE FACT #1: Jim DeMint lets the people decide, not some government-mandated "reality":

    Taking questions from a friendly crowd of 500 people [in Spartanburg, SC] the other day, Mr. DeMint did little to correct their misimpressions about health care legislation but rather reinforced their worst fears.

    TRUE FACT #2: Jim DeMint hates true facts (sorry, Jim, it's true!):

    [In Spartanburg] he fueled speculation that a health care overhaul would cover illegal immigrants, although specific language says it would not.

    TRUE FACT #3: Jim DeMint dislikes the other white meat, enjoys red meat (racism? Communism??):

    The only disruption came from a pig that a farmer had brought to protest "pork" in Washington. The pig, roaming within a few feet of Mr. DeMint, snorted and squealed its way through the event, held in the parking lot of the Beacon, a local burger joint.

    TRUE FACT #4: Jim DeMint is useless/Jim DeMint will be president of Real America:

    Mr. DeMint, 57, is a first-term senator, a back-bencher with little influence in Washington’s corridors of power…. [V]oters seem more interested in whether Mr. DeMint might run for president.

    "I wouldn't get out of my driveway without my wife shooting me in the back," he said in Greenville. "You've got to find somebody who's smart enough to be a great president but dumb enough to want to be president. Right now, I think I'm still too smart to be president."

    Oh, don't get ahead of yourself, Jim. Right now I think you're just too smart to be a Senator.

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