• President Obama's Popularity Surging Amongst People Who Can't Vote for Him

    Even more of that even more proof that Barack Obama is an un-American, Muslim anti-American and this time it involves more than just words people say. There's good ol' patriotic math involved

    A Pew Research Poll released today shows that the image of the United States has "improved markedly in most parts of the world," largely because of the high levels of global confidence and trust in Obama. Improvements were especially high in Western Europe, but attitudes toward America also warmed in Canada, Mexico, Argentina and urban populations in Brazil, India and China. Nearly 27,000 interviews were conducted in 24 nations, as well as the Palestinian territories.

    "His personal popularity and new respect for the U.S. having elected him translates positively for the U.S. image," former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said…

    Hmmm… Bet you can't guess the one country in which, according to Pew, Obama's presence hasn't been having quite as much of a positive effect recently.

    On second thought, I'll bet you can.

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