• Is Sarah Palin the Next Ted Kennedy? I'm Glad You Asked!

    Now that Ted Kennedy is gone everyone wants to know who the "next" Ted Kennedy will be, both in terms of representing the state of Massachusetts in the Senate and also in terms of being a national symbol of- well, the things Ted Kennedy symbolized (lions). But there are so many people who could be the next Ted Kennedy; how can we can narrow this down?

    Let's see, the next Ted Kennedy will probably live in the United States. It'll be somebody related to politics, or politics-ish things. Somebody who gives speeches, or impersonations of speeches, in public settings. Hmmm, who on earth meets all those qualifications? Oh! A writer at The American Spectator has a suggestion: "Is Sarah Palin the Next Ted Kennedy?" he asks.

    Lucky for us, America, our Spectator has answered this important question! I will place the answer after the jump, so as to heighten the suspense. Click and all will be revealed…

    Answer according to The American Spectator: YES. Sarah Palin is absolutely definitely positively Ted Kennedy 2.0. Here is proof, in the form of sentences…

    She is, in a remarkable way, the real heir — make that heiress — to Senator Kennedy. She is charismatic, she has a decided point of view and she is a lightning rod for controversy. Just as Kennedy managed to sink a once sure-thing Supreme Court nomination with his famous Bork speech, Governor Palin has managed to explode Section 1233 of the ObamaCare House bill with her vivid description of "death panels," severely damaging the President's entire legislative priority in the process.

    Whoa! That is so true. Both Ted Kennedy and Sarah Palin have said things that made people angry, and Sen. Kennedy's defense of Roe v. Wade in the Bork nomination was exactly like that time Sarah Palin attacked imaginary death panels on Facebook! Also — how's this for significant — both Sarah Palin and Ted Kennedy have last names that begin with consonants.

    It's almost as if the whole thing was preordained.

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