• The Daily Show's Best Libertarian Moments

    What are libertarians? What values do they hold dear? What do they want out of life? What do they like to eat? Why is it that they can see a pentangle on the palm of their next victim when the full moon shines? Am I maybe confusing libertarians with werewolves?

    The Daily Show investigates…

    April 27, 2005: Fire Hazard

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    March 16, 2004: Interview – John Stossel

    June 4, 2007: Interview – Ron Paul

    February 19, 2003: Banned Aid

    June 7, 2005: Guns for Tots Revisited

    October 21, 2008: Interview – Christopher Buckley

    July 26, 2005: Summer of the Backpack

    June 5, 2000: Interview – Penn and Teller*

    <sup>* Okay, so they don't really talk about libertarianism in this clip, but they're pretty much the most vocal libertarians in entertainment, so it seemed wrong to leave them off the list.</sup>

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