• Barack Obama to Appear on TV as Health Care Explainy Man

    Hilarious confusion about health care reform kept us busy for most of August; you may have noticed. Now here comes President Obama with a plan to put everybody's comedy fodder in front of a death panel, on national television.

    How will this diabolical plan work? Simple: next week Obama will give a prime-time speech that outlines the details of his health care legislation, to shut up Republicans who have been inventing "fun facts" like "Barack Obama's health care legislation will replace your family doctor with a rusty knife and two aspirin in a Ziploc baggie." And then what will we have to joke about? Patients splitting pills in half to stretch prescriptions, families declaring bankruptcy over medical bills, insurance companies refusing to cover people who sneezed once?

    Thanks a bunch, Mr. President

    Administration officials said Wednesday that Mr. Obama would be more specific than he has been to date about what he wants included in the plan. Doing so amounts to an acknowledgment that the president’s prior tactic of laying out broad principles and leaving Congress to fill in the details [Ed. note: To hilarious effect!] was no longer working [Ed. note: Define 'working'!] and that Mr. Obama needed to become more personally involved in shaping the outcome.

    Gah! And knowing this guy, he'll show up with a PowerPoint presentation, graphs, a bullet-point list of informative sentences, a definitive statement on the public option. The reign of health care confusion will be over! Good for policy, if you're into that, but what will I do????

    But the officials said Mr. Obama was unlikely to unveil a detailed legislative plan of his own. And they insisted that Mr. Obama had not given up on the provision that has attracted the most fire from the right, a proposal for a government-run competitor to private insurers, although many Democrats say the proposal may eventually be jettisoned.

    Oh, okay.

    Carry on, me.

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