• Protecting Our American Children from the American President

    What's a decent American parent to do?

    With the "President" of the United States set to make a historically unprecedented speech for little kids, beseeching them to take up the socialist ideals of studying hard and learning, patriotic parents are at their wits end about how best to protect their kids from this creeping menace of learning.

    Well, how about just hiding them from harmful education altogether?

    Radio host Tammy Bruce asked "TownHall Patriots" to help organize "PASS Day Picnics" — that's "Parentally Approved Skip School Day," for the uninitiated. In a blog post under a close-up photo her hand holding a gun, Bruce added that "Urkel" — that's her pet name for Obama; get it? — is going to "make[] a grab for your kids" and that he is "setting us on fire."

    Newsmax writer Pam Geller agreed that the last place kids should be next Tuesday is school, urging parents to keep their kids home lest they be "brainwash[ed]" by the "fascist in chief."

    Well, that's a pretty good idea. But what if our kids sneak away from the picnic we're forcing them to go on and they run to their school to hide? What then? What are the schools doing to protect our children from inspiration?

    ABC News' Jake Tapper and Karen Travers report that school districts in six states — Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin — are "refusing" to show the president's speech to their students.

    Finally! The schools are doing something for the children.

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