• Joe Wilson Is Your Pre-Existing Condition (Dot Com)

    The Internet works fast. So fast that this website appeared 7 minutes and 13 seconds before Rep. Joe Wilson had his unfortunate outburst last night. (It's those 4 Chan guys. I think they're mystics. Have you ever seen them? Neither have I, but I hear they have translucent skin.)

    Do you know who else works fast? Democratic campaign contributors. According to Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow at 10:38 last night

    Simon sez, "I managed to track down a spokesman for ActBlue, the online fundraising tool for Democratic politicians, and found out that within two hours after Joe Wilson yelled out 'You lie' to the president, his opponent Rob Miller raised $25,000 from people who linked to his page on Twitter and blogs."

    And that was as of two hours after his outburst. Apparently, that figure's risen up to at least $69,000 by this morning.

    Wow! For the first time in history, yelling out obnoxious dogmatic negatives in the middle of a serious explanation of facts actually isn't paying off. Go figure.

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