• ACORN Busted in Tax Fraud, Prostitution, Extreme Stupidity Scandal

    Looks like it's a bad day to quit not falsifying tax forms to assist in setting up prostitution rings

    Two more ACORN officials were fired Friday after a second video surfaced showing staffers in the community organizers' Washington office offering to help a man and woman posing as a pimp and prostitute acquire illegal home loans that would help them set up a brothel.

    The firings came less than 24 hours after another pair of ACORN officials from the group's Baltimore office were canned for instructing the "pimp" and "prostitute" how to falsify tax forms and seek illegal benefits for 13 "very young" girls from El Salvador that pair said they wanted to import to work as child prostitutes.

    Well, that's pretty much the dumbest thing ever. Looks like we all owe conservatives an apology for being super-weird and obsessive about ACORN and its business practices.

    I guess — by extension — this means that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, Al Gore's private plane is the sole cause of global warming, and David William Ayers* is secretly controlling all government via email.

    Mind-blowingly idiotic video here and here.


    * Thanks for catching me, dmboucher. I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan excited over the start of football season, and I must have had this guy on my mind.

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