• Joe Wilson, Is Under Attack. Quick. Somebody Help Him.

    Joe Wilson, has powerful emotions. That is why, liberals hate him. Liberals hate feelings. Liberals are always trying, to stop conservatives, from expressing their feelings. Liberals also, hate hugging. Please give Joe Wilson some money, so he can feel better.

    Do not forget. If he has a choice, between life and death, Joe Wilson, "chooses life." That is your cue, to give him more money.

    When Republicans get their way, on health care reform, we will not worry so much about things, because they will expand access, to mild sedatives, for everyone. (Except illegals.)

    Update from Dennis: As of 11 am Friday, Rep. Wilson's opponent Rob Miller has reached $743,090 in campaign contributions. What's wrong with those liberals? Why do they hate good ol' American feelings so much?

    Update 2 from Dennis: CNN reports

    Less than a day after Rep. Joe Wilson formally apologized to President Obama over his "you lie" outburst, a campaign aide confirms to CNN the South Carolina Republican has raised "more than $200,000" in the wake of the now-infamous moment.

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