• The Recession is Officially Over, For Whatever That's Worth

    Crack open your finest can of beans, America, it's time to celebrate! According to Federal Reserve Chairbeard Ben Bernanke, the recession that's been going on for the past year and three-quarters is OVAH. Dunzo. Finito. Down for the count.

    Final tally? America: 1. Econopocalypse: 0!

    "From a technical perspective, the recession is very likely over at this point," Bernanke said in responding to questions at the Brookings Institution. "It's still going to feel like a very weak economy for some time because many people will still find that their job security and their employment status is not what they wish it was."

    The recession, which started in December 2007, has claimed a net total of 6.9 million jobs.

    Okay, okay. America: 1, Econopocalypse 0 + 6.9 million.

    But who's counting? If you get all technical with the technical economic data, it spoils the fun.

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