• East Cleveland's Mayor Maybe Possibly Shouldn't Have Passed Around Those Transvestite Photos

    To all you would-be politicians hoping to jump start a career in the public spotlight at the local level, be fore-warned: Local politics can be a pretty cut-throat business. And you'd be well served to not provide your political opponents with any ammunition to help them bring you down.

    Case in point

    East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer blasted a local television station Thursday, one day after it aired photographs that purported to show the mayor wearing a wig and lingerie.

    The news conference came less than a week before voters decide if he should be re-elected.

    You see, that guy didn't think ahead. If you're serious about starting a career in politics, you're simply going to have to train yourself to keep track of where all the transvestite pictures of you are and who has access to them.

    If you're smart about to whom you send pictures of yourself dressed up in sex gear, you'd be surprised at how far you can go in Ohio politics.

    Just look at everything that Dennis Kucinich accomplished.

    (photo via BuzzFeed)

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