• How Much Worse Can You Get Than Hugo Chavez and Courtney Love? Well, Let's See.

    You may have already seen this photograph of drug-addled, bane-of-music Courtney Love snuggling with insane, communist dictator Hugo Chavez at some kind of convention for horrible people held recently in New York (where else?)…

    But what you haven't seen — what this photograph is obscuring, through clever lighting and some simple Photoshopping — is everyone else who was also at the convention and originally included in the picture before press agents and P.R. firms stepped in to hide the truth.

    What we have here — exclusively! — after the jump is the original, unedited photograph taken at the horrible person convention before it fell victim to any computer trickery…

    That makes a lot more sense, now, doesn't it?

    Oh, and, you see that little head way in the back? That's Tucker Max.

    (via Matt Tobey)

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