• The Public Option Debate: It's Gonna Be One Crazy Ride!

    You know, I don't cover the battle for the public option in the public option debate all that often because, well, mostly it's pretty boring.

    However, this article made me change my mind

    The debate over whether to create a public insurance plan to compete with private plans is about to explode in the Senate Finance Committee. The stakes are high and so is the suspense.

    Whoa! It's about to EXPLODE?! That's crazy! And exciting! And stimulating! Maybe I had this health care thing pegged wrong.

    And "The stakes are high and so is the suspense," wasn't that the tag line for that movie with Will Smith, Chow Yun Fat and Billy Joel? (Or did I dream that?)

    Let's keep reading, because this is gonna be awesome! I just know it…

    [T]here are nine Democrats in favor of or open to at least one of the three public options. Two favor Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe's proposal for state-level public options to be "triggered" if competition in a state falls short. Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas is a mystery. If she ultimately supports some type of public option, that would make committee chairman Max Baucus the deciding vote. He says he supports a public option but that it couldn't win on the floor.

    That's pretty exciting, I guess. But what I'm really looking forward to is how they'll come to a final decision.

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