• GOP Strategist Warns of a Sarah Palin Catastrophe in 2012

    going-rogue-coverJohn McCain's former chief campaign strategist Steve Schmidt — the man who supposedly accused Sarah Palin of doing the words in the title to your right — did some "rogueing" of his own today, telling a Washington, D.C. conference exactly what he thinks about the esteemed author's prospects in 2012

    "I think that she has talents, but my honest view is that she would not be a winning candidate for the Republican Party in 2012, and in fact, were she to be the nominee, we would have a catastrophic election result."

    Now hold your horses, Palinphiles, Steve Schmidt didn't say your gal couldn't get elected in 2012. He just said she would not be a winning candidate for the Republican Party. So what? George W. Bush helped make 'GOP' a synonym for 'incompetent losers,' and we elected him twice.

    Besides, if Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee and we wind up with a "catastrophic election result," I'm pretty sure that means she's moving into the White House.

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