• Barack Obama Rallies His White Coat Puppets

    What the… it's not Halloween yet, why is the White House press corps dressed up in lab coats? And why have they replaced their big, fancy cameras with smaller, less-fancy cameras? Oh no, my mistake. These people gathered on the White House lawn are doctors, actual experts of health care.

    Or are they, Fox News?

    The doctor made a White House call Monday — 150 of them, in fact, all costumed in white hospital coats — to try to help President Obama administer a booster shot to his ailing health care reform drive.

    Yes, "costumed," almost as if this were some sort of "staged event," the kind of thing presidents rarely — if ever — do. Let us turn now to the Washington Post's theater review

    Obama said little new about his signature domestic policy initiative, but he used the choreographed event to put some momentum behind reform proposals taking shape in Congress. The key Senate Finance Committee may vote this week on its version of health-care reform legislation.

    The roughly 150 doctors assembled wore white lab coats under the brilliant fall sun, some sheepishly carrying them under their arms as they made their way to the folding chairs. In opening his remarks, Obama called them "spiffy."

    Not only is this "doctor drama" less exciting than Clooney-era ER, it is also completely invalid as a political statement, because those doctors ambled around that lawn on Barack Obama's invitation, not Glenn Beck's, q.e.d.

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