• Scoring the Baucus Health Care Bill: $829! 94! $81! Big Fat 0!

    max-baucus-senate-roomYesterday the human (?) calculators at the Congressional Budget Office finished scoring Max Baucus's health care bill, and the results are… numbers, mostly:

    * Total cost over 10 years: $829 billion
    * Impact on deficit: Reduces it, as in makes it go down, by $81 billion over the next decade
    * Americans with coverage: Would go up to 94% from 83% right now
    * Illegals??!??!!: There will still be 25 million uninsured people by 2019, and rest assured, at least a third of those will be illegals.

    Hmm, sounds good. Luckily, there are still plenty of reasons to hate Max Baucus's bill, like the fact that he subbed "insurance co-ops" for the oogy-boogy "public option," and the budget office reports that these "co-ops" won't make a smidgen of difference in many parts of the country.

    Oh, and did I mention the secret bill written in invisible ink using a secret version of pig Latin?

    Republicans, who are overwhelmingly opposed to the legislation, minimized the significance of the cost analysis. They suggested that the "real" bill would be written secretly by Democratic leaders as they combine the Finance Committee measure with a version approved by the Senate health committee in July.

    To say nothing of the secret clubhouse where the Democrats hang out with all the cool "real" bills, and the secret "real" Constitution, and a perfect life-size replica of the White House. It's awesome. Too bad the Republicans have never, ever set foot in secret real bill headquarters, but they don't know the password ("123456").

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