• Health Care Reform Passes Senate Finance Only Mostly Neutered

    Has anyone been following this whole health care reform issue? Probably not, because it's very boring and non-polarizing. But, just in case you're one of the dozen or so Americans with an incredibly-strong-albeit-under-informed opinion on the matter, the Senate Finance Committee just passed a draft of a bill

    Healthcare reform took a giant step closer to passage Tuesday, as the Senate Finance Committee passed its version of the legislation on a 14-9 vote.

    Yes, the draft is more conservative than the legislation passed by four other committees in the House and Senate. No, there's no public option in the Finance version. Yes, there's still quite a lot of work to do. But every committee with jurisdiction over the issue has now voted on — and passed — reform legislation, something no previous reform proposal ever achieved.

    How do you say "I guess it's better than nothing," in Uninsuredese?

    Democrats sounded energized and ready to move forward. "Let's put an end to the status quo," Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat, said just before the vote.

    While you're looking up that other phrase, can you also please check on how to say "Fuck you, Max Baucus," in Fuckyoumaxbaucusese?

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