• Olympia Snowe Braces for an Avalanche of Puns

    olympia-snowe-seatedLook at the headlines this morning: "Snowe day," "Snowe job," "Snowe storm," "Snowe patrol" — man, it's a good thing the senior senator from Maine isn't named Olympia Publicoption.

    As the lone Republican to vote for Max Baucus's mostly-neutered health care bill, Sen. Snowe bravely risked having a say as this process crawls forward, and sure enough

    Democrats readily acknowledge that Snowe's yes vote gives her tremendous leverage as the Senate bill moves forward, meaning they'll have to continue to address her concerns about affordability and excessive government intrusion into health care.

    But will her GOP colleagues punish her for this treason, having her "concerns addressed"?

    "The conference certainly wouldn't entertain retribution for an irrelevant vote on an irrelevant proposal," said a Senate GOP aide.

    Oh! Okay. My mistake.

    Well, that certainly explains why it was so important for all the other Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee to vote no yesterday.

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