• Olympia Snowe Well-Prepared for Narnian Winter

    Posted by Elizabeth Erickson

    Well, the Snowestorm has begun (see, I can do it, too!). The first signs of public outcry are popping up on the interwebs over Sen. Olympia Snowe's controversial health care reform vote, like this sketchy call to arms from Erick Erickson at Redstate.com

    Olympia Snowe has sold out the country. Having been banished to our world after Aslan chased her out of Narnia, Snowe is intent on corrupting this place too.

    So we should melt her.

    What melts snow? Rock salt.

    I'm going to ship this 5 pound bag of rock salt to her office in Maine. It’s only $3.00. You should join me.

    Obviously this is meant as some sort of satire, as everyone knows the White Witch was defeated by Aslan during the battle at the Fords of Beruna when he crushed her into black smoke. Even if she had been "banished," are we really supposed to believe that Mr. Ketterly would have let her use the magic rings to travel between worlds again? Please. I think the learned is lesson.

    And p.s., Mr. Man-Who-Stole-My-Last-Name, the only thing that can melt the ever-lasting winter of the Ice Queen Jadis's reign is the coming of Aslan, so even were your metaphor an apt one, Sen. Snowe's nominal support of a watered-down and extremely conservative health care reform bill is here to stay.

    For a while.

    Providing she stays happy with the changes she now has the influence to make.

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