• AP: Is Barack Obama Too Not Stupid for America?

    The Associated Press is apparently gunning for the much coveted anti-intelligence demographic (otherwise known as Fox's audience)…

    Put aside for a moment the question of whether government is actually intruding into people's lives more than before. The point is that many people feel like it is — in part because Obama doesn't stop talking about his goals.

    If President George W. Bush got slapped around for being inarticulate, is Obama obnoxiously articulate?

    Wow! That is a really good question. One that really needs to be considered and discussed. I think that our generation might just be defined by this very weighty question.

    I mean, I myself would like to offer my thoughts on this issue of obnoxious articulation… but I don't know what that means.

    And I'll be fucking dead in the ground before I crack open one of those liberal dictionary things. That's where The Devil lives.

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