• The Gulags Are Coming! The Gulags Are Coming!

    john-shadeggWho had even heard of this Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) before today? Why didn't anyone alert us to this man's astonishing ability to make Michele Bachmann look like the most reasonable human on earth?

    More importantly, why hasn't anyone other than Rep. Shadegg — who spoke yesterday on the House floor — told us about the 'gulag' provisions in the Democrats' health care proposals?

    SHADEGG: You know, it occurs to me, and I’ll go through these other scandals very quickly, but what we're really getting here is we're not just getting single-payer care. We’re getting full on Russian gulag, Soviet-style gulag health care [...] It appeared in last Friday's Wall Street Journal. You can Google it. You can pick up the phone and call Kim Strassel. You can ask her about Soviet-style gulag health care in America, where powerful politicians protect their constituents.

    (For the uninitiated, Kim Strassel is a WSJ editorial writer who does not care for Democrats, health care reform, treehuggers, crybabies, non-pen-and-ink portraits of herself, etc.)

    Fascinating how Rep. Shadegg has access to Google, or has at least heard of it, yet is unable to avail himself of a definition of the word 'gulag.' Maybe we can call Kim Strassel and ask if she has a spare dictionary on her desk?

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