• Meghan McCain Fans the Flames Surrounding Her Boobs

    meghan-mccain-boobs-twitter-vertShe hasn't quit Twitter, but Meghan McCain did need more than 140 characters to talk about why people won't stop talking about her cleavage, which simply wants to be left alone with its Andy Warhol biography.

    So it's a good thing she's learned to publish longer groupings of words on the Daily Beast, an internet newsletter that's been adapted for film by Spike Jonze, because this morning we have Meghan's Official Response to Tanktopgate: it is an opus entitled "Don't Call Me a Slut."

    Don't call Meghan McCain a slut, you guys. That's lame. 'Twit' is more accurate, and punnier. Here, Meg will explain

    To be honest, I don't feel that I have anything to feel ashamed of. I've always embraced my curves and will continue to do so.

    Nothing to be ashamed of rack-wise. Otherwise, ?? Also, please note that "embrace [your] curves" is one of the world's top ten meaningless phrases. It is what the ladymags tell you to do on the pages where they are not telling you how to "blast fat," but Meghan McCain wouldn't know this, because she only reads books about art (and Twitter).

    It's pathetic we can come so far in so many ways, but when Rep. Aaron Schock or Rep. Jeff Flake post pictures of themselves without their suits on—and their shirts, for that matter—they are proclaimed "hotties."

    But put me in a tank top and I am suddenly an embarrassment to the Republican Party and women everywhere.

    Actually, I agree 100% with Meghan on this.

    Everything except the 'suddenly' part.

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