• Top Five Most Puppetiest Political Puppets

    Call them what you will — puppets, dummies, inanimate objects being controlled by more powerful forces — but they control the world in which we live. Or, to be more precise, they are controlled into controlling the world in which we live.

    Puppet Puppeteer Performance
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    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Former Russian President and Current Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin A lifelong bureaucrat and world class yes man, he turned out to be ideally suited for sit down and being quiet while his former boss rerouted Russian political power to through the Prime Minister's office.
    . . .
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Main responsibilities include Holocaust denial, lying about nuclear experimentation and not getting in way of Ayatollah's subjugate citizenry.
    . . .
    Fox News The Republican Party The network has traditionally functioned mainly as the GOP's Ministry of Information, but its duties have recently expanded to include planning and executing grass roots public protests.
    . . .
    U.S. Congress Anyone willing to pay for dinner Anything you want them to do. Seriously, anything. Just so long as you're picking up the check and they can order another round.
    . . .
    Barack Obama The reanimated corpse of former President Franklin Roosevelt Continue plan to bring about the end of Western civilization, supply FDR with fresh brains twice a week.

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