• King of Uganda's Rise to Power or Wacky Movie Starring Eddie Murphy as Twelve People?

    Since I have a feeling a good majority of you don't follow my friend Ian on Facebook, I feel pretty safe just flat out stealing the following introductory text for this story from him, and none of you will be any the wiser. The perfect crime!


    Hey, it just goes to show you, if you work hard and apply yourself, one day you can become king of Uganda

    For years, Charles Wesley Mumbere worked as a nurse's aide in Maryland and Pennsylvania, caring for the elderly and sick. No one there suspected that he had inherited a royal title in his African homeland when he was just 13.

    On Monday, after years of political upheaval and financial struggle, Mumbere, 56, was finally crowned king of his people to the sound of drumbeats and thousands of cheering supporters wearing cloth printed with his portraits.

    Now I just have to wait for Ian to inherit a royal title that I can lift, and I'm totally in there!

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