• Fess Up: Who's Prank Calling Kirsten Gillibrand?

    It is tradition for elected officials to hold conference calls with members of the press, or constituents, so they can weigh in on/bore people with the issues of the day. But it seems conference calls with New York's junior Hillary senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, are becoming very strange indeed.

    Per the New York Daily News, which sits through these things so you don't have to:

    [O]ne of the regular conference participants apparently finds these [discussions] amusing, and regularly peppers the calls with recorded sound effects of things like maniacal laughter, screams, and various exclamations of "Ohh!" and "Hmm!"

    Today's interference also featured a parrot-like voice saying "Hello!" repeatedly. Gillibrand motored on through though, once even saying "Hi!" back.

    Team Gillibrand vows it will punish the perpetrator.

    Um, has anyone seen Caroline Kennedy lately?

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