• John McCain's "Internet Freedom Act" Strikes Heroic Blow for Freedom from the Internet

    Good news for everyone who is an executive for a powerful telecommunications corporation!

    John McCain is fighting for your freedom to impose your will upon the masses! Go, America!

    McCain's bill, the Internet Freedom Act, would block the Federal Communications Commission from making Net neutrality the law of the land. The rule preventing ISPs from slowing down certain types of content would create "onerous federal regulation," McCain argued in a written statement.

    According to a report at NetworkWorld, McCain "called the proposed Net neutrality rules a 'government takeover' of the Internet that will stifle innovation and depress an 'already anemic' job market in the US."

    But supporters of Net neutrality argue that the rule is needed to ensure that Internet providers don't censor content, or slow down traffic to Web sites that are in competition with their business allies.

    Come on now? Who are you going to believe on this? Some person who knows how to use a computer? Or John McCain?

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