• Gay Marriage Is Coming to Murder You in Maine

    Oh, man! Listen to the music in this anti-gay people advertisement from Maine. With that kind of scary music, you know this threat, whatever it is, has got to be mind-pulverizingly threatening!

    Oh Em Gee! They are continuing with their devious plan to extend full rights to everybody in Maine. They have been working tirelessly to take away your God-given right to discriminate against homosexuals for four whole years! They are trying to make your children not be as bigoted and small-minded as their parents.

    They are trying to force you to live in a world that is not the same as the one your grandparents didn't actually live in! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    By the way, who are they?

    Tags: Education, LGBT, Maine, Marriage Equality


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