• This Is One Census Form the GOP Wants You to Fill Out

    michael-steele-thumbs-upJust so you know, that "2009 Congressional District Census" that arrived in your mailbox the other day is not, in fact, an official Census Bureau mailer. Nope, it's a fundraising appeal/personal information request from the GOP — you know, the party that loves the census so much.

    The clunking sound you hear is the sound of RNC marketing whizzes striking again

    [T]he mailer appears clearly designed to mislead recipients into thinking that it's an official Census Bureau survey, which people are required by law to fill out.

    It's entitled, in bold, "2009 Congressional District Census." (The words "commissioned by the Republican Party" appear just below that, in much smaller and lighter type.) Above the recipient's address, it says: "Census Document Registered To." And it even includes a "Census Tracking Code."

    Below that there are a bunch of questions about voting and political views, and instructions, which say "When finished answering your Census, please return it along with your generous contribution in the enclosed postage-paid envelope." Well, you know what they say — if you can't beat 'em, impersonate 'em (for money).

    Which reminds me, I'm looking forward to the GOP's next fundraising dinner. I hear it's going to look just like a same-sex wedding.

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