• Congress Should Pass a Resolution Honoring Itself for Passing Such Awesome Resolutions

    Hey, look at this! I'm about to agree with House Minority Leader John Boehner

    Boehner chided Democratic colleagues for taking up a resolution honoring the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius, suggesting it was "unacceptable" for the Congress to spend time on similar measures Tuesday while the economy continues to struggle.

    "While Democrats get ready to celebrate the birth of an ancient Chinese philosopher, House Republicans will talk about our better solutions to create jobs and make health care more affordable and accessible for America's seniors," Boehner said in a statement.

    On the one hand, it makes me really angry to see Congress busying itself useless nonsense. But, on the other, Confucius died nearly two and half milennia ago, and America's continued ignorance of his important work in fortune cookies was getting kind of ridiculous. (And just when are we going to get around to recognizing that Gilgamesh guy, huh?)

    Why oh why oh why can't the Democrats be more like the Republicans, who don't waste everybody's time honoring dead Chinese philosophers. No, they would never do anything like that.

    They prefer to waste everybody's time honoring disaffected ignorant racists

    Three Republican lawmakers on Monday introduced a resolution honoring participants in the Sept. 12 "tea party" protests in Washington D.C.

    Oh, Congress. You so crazy (and incompetent)!

    (via War Room)

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