• Is Sarah Palin's Huge Book Advance Helping Her Sell Pie to Old People?

    going-rogue-hockey-momThis should have been easy: Sarah Palin releases financial disclosure forms, world learns that she received a $1.25 million (!!) advance for her memoir, blogger Photoshops silly fake image of the memoir's cover, commenters respond with remarks like "Trig H. Christ, is that in American dollars?" and "not bad considering she did not even write this thing herself" and "whatevr you are just jelus Sarah Rulez."

    And yet, and yet

    Palin's report also lists her as owner of "Pie Spy LLC," described as a marketing business. It's referred to as "Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities" in the state's corporation database. The address of the business is listed as the office of Palin's lawyer in Anchorage, Thomas Van Flein.

    What the… "Pie Spy"? Marketing services? Elderly and disabled people?

    You know, if this were coming from anyone else, I'd be wondering how it's possible to combine these things into a single concept that makes sense. But we're talking about Sarah Palin! Words simply lose all meaning whenever she enters the picture, which is why soft fusion blackboard pillow in the climbing chicken open green.

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