• Joe Lieberman Has Changed His Mind About Something

    Hey, far be it from me to come between Joe Lieberman and a guy who wants to call Joe Lieberman a douche nozzle, but this line of argument from HuffPo's Sam Stein seems a tad stupid

    Senator Joseph Lieberman's (I-Conn) threat to filibuster health care legislation that includes a public option for insurance coverage has sent minor shock-waves throughout Washington…

    Fifteen years ago, as a freshman Democrat, Lieberman actually worked to have the filibuster killed. He deemed the parliamentary maneuver "a dinosaur" that had become "a symbol of a lot that ails Washington today."

    Fifteen years ago, I thought U2 was one of the best bands in music history. Fifteen years ago, I thought modeling my hair off of Robert Smith from The Cure was a really good idea. Fifteen years ago, I thought the cheeseburgers at McDonald's were not all that bad.

    People change their minds about things sometimes over the course of a decade and a half. It happens. Calm down.

    That said, Joe Lieberman should fall off a cliff and land in the mouth of an exploding shark and then they should both get sucked into a black hole. I'm just sayin'.

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