• Former McCain Campaign Health Care Advisor Regrets Nothing

    Posted by: Elizabeth Erickson

    It's a story that has become all too common in this country: A 51-year-old man, unemployed and facing the end of his employer-provided health coverage, will be forced to pay out of pocket for private health insurance, made all the more complicated by a preexisting kidney condition.

    Who is this mysterious everyman? Oh wait, it’s Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former go-to health care guy for John McCain's presidential campaign…

    [O]ne year after Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) lost the presidential election, the man who was by McCain's side as the campaign's top health-care guru remains unemployed — and his COBRA health coverage is running out.

    What? OH SNAP!

    Does this mean that finally, in a sort of magic, Freaky Friday-type scenario, some powerful opponents of public health care are getting a taste of how such issues affect the uninsured and under-insured American public?

    Sort of. Holtz-Eakin may be losing his government funded health plan, but he still doesn’t agree with the reforms put forth in Congress…

    The system is "broken," he said, but the bills now before Congress do not cut costs enough. On the campaign trail, Holtz-Eakin promoted McCain's plan to eliminate the tax exemption for employer-sponsored health insurance and give tax credits to individuals to buy their own coverage.

    So really it’s more like Freaky Friday if, instead of swapping bodies back and learning lessons about the power of love, Jamie Lee Curtis had realized that being Lindsay Lohan was pretty ok, and they all just kind of dealt with it.

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