• Republicans Trying Hard to Out Democrat the Democrats

    Pretty much the only thing self-imploding Democratic Party has going for it these days is that the Republican Party has been working overtime to be self-implodinger.

    Take, for example, the case of Dede Scozzafava, Republican candidate for New York's 23rd Congressional seat, who was insufficiently homophobic and anti-womens' rights for her party. Did she and her party put their differences about how much gay people should be prejudiced against aside and just fight for that seat together?

    Well, let's see

    Scozzafava stepped aside Oct. 31 after her lead in polls evaporated and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a Republican, endorsed [Conservative candidate Doug] Hoffman. Scozzafava said she was "outspent on both sides." Republicans have just two other seats in New York's 29- member House delegation.

    Oh, so, maybe I was wrong. She stepped aside so that conservatives didn't split the vote and end up putting a Democrat in office.

    Wait, what?

    Scozzafava, a state assemblywoman, yesterday announced she is supporting Democrat Bill Owens in his race against Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate, in a Nov. 3 special election in New York's traditionally Republican 23rd congressional district.

    Lieberman/Scozzafava 2012! We are the people to fuck ourselves over we've been waiting for!

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