• Joe Scarborough's Still Got It!

    It's easy to call MSNBC's Joe Scarborough names. For example, here's just a few off the top of my head…

    * Second string political pundit who couldn't hack it on Capitol Hill

    * Disingenuous messenger for the Republican agenda, tempering his views with the political winds to create the false impression of objectivity; and, of course

    * Lumpy

    But none of those barbs can rob the man of his keen political insight. Offering views on the close New Jersey gubernatorial race, Scarborough writes

    "[T]he Democrats' turnout operation should keep this race tight all night. If the race is instead a blowout, that can only be bad news for the Democrats."

    See? Some people couldn't offer that kind of insight. Y'know, people who have spent their entire adult life huffing heavy metal industrial isotopes.

    So the next time you're tempted to stick it to old Joe, c'mon, show some respect.

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